Wait..... What? We're moving to Flinders Island!



Wait...what? We're moving to Flinders Island? When was this decided dad? 

Well Maggie, this was decided when you weren’t even in your mummys tummy.
It was a couple of years ago when we decided to visit the island, as Mum had never been. I had been a number of times over the years, sailing in the 3 Peaks race,  a couple of scout camps and a few cruising trips on my parents yacht and the place had always resonated with me.

The particular weekend we flew to the Island the wind was particularly bad, the flight was not the greatest but your big sisters and brother loved it.  They thought  it was like a roller coaster ride, mummy on the other hand did not. 😆

We spent a few days on the island exploring our surroundings. Lazy strolls along the beach, collecting pretties along the way and epic card games of an evening. Experiencing the warmth of the locals and the 'Flinders Island Wave'. Listening to the quite, still evenings and noticing the lack of white noise.

After experiencing the quite, rugged beauty of the island mum mentioned that she could easily live there, I felt the same. So, the next thing we were looking at properties and making offers, dreaming big dreams of our families life on this little island.  

We had a business for 20 years, called “Sams Sails”. You will never know that business but it was a huge part of our lives before you were born. We felt a call for a change in our lives and it turns out that change was a big move to a little island. We gave ourselves a time-frame of 2 years to get everything in order for the move. This meant sell our house, sell our business, create a new business, reorganise and simplify our entire lives....... oh,  and I had to build us a new house! 

..... meanwhile, you came into this world.

So, miss Maggie, this is how you become an island kid.

Kelly and Sam Edmunds