Who is Flinders Island Glamping????

So, who is Flinders Island Glamping? Who are these strange people that are uprooting their whole life to move to a tiny island in the middle of Bass Strait?  Well, we come as a large group, some would say a Brady Bunch *smile*. This is a long list but the family is as follows: Sam (42), Kelly (age isn't important), Ruby (16), Max (14), Sophie (10), Holly (7), Harry (7), Matilda (2) and little miss Maggie (9 months). Its fair to say that when the Edmunds family make the move, the supermarket will have to increase the quantity of produce on their shelves. We are a large, fun loving family, that loves camping, sailing, growing our own food..... basically all things outdoors. The biggest thing we want from this move is time. Time to create an relaxing oasis for visitors, time to play with our kids, time to grow our own food, time to go for walks, time to take photos, time to swim/windsurf and time to simply live.

Kelly and Sam Edmunds