Rain, Visits, Progress and Partridge Farm

Oooh wow!

Progress had gone well ahead this week until it 🌧 rained, about 110mm of it....
The farmers were relieved as the island had been quite dry for the past few months but it meant that our lounge room slab wouldn’t get poured, that’s ok as it meant we could get stuck into lining out one of our containers. The rain also watered our lawn seed we had put down in our glamping area which was awesome.

We also had a flying visit from Pauline Edmunds and Nick to check us out, further to this we had a tour of Rob and Lorraine Holloway’s partridge farm to feed all their animals and new arrivals from new born guinea pigs, tiny partridges, lambs, chickens, deer and ducks. 

In addition to this we finally had the water put on which is great for helping out keeping our clients happy when our awesome amenities block is complete. Thanks Robin Walker for phoning a friend to help get this over the line.

We are back on the big island now for a few weeks, but stay tuned for our weekly updates.

Sam and Kelly

Kelly and Sam Edmunds