Palana- Bomb shelters on the Island?

So this week we have our very first presentation to Tourism Tasmania.
Busy and exciting times. As being tourism industry virgins we hope we don’t crash and burn with our death by PowerPoint presentation. πŸ’€πŸ˜΄πŸ˜

Our feature this week is Palana.
As some may be aware I am quite interested in war history. With my last visit to the island I was told by a local about bomb shelters that were built in WW2 in the north of the island at Palana. I have no other info on these but I am continuously astounded how far reaching the war effort was in that time.

Checking out these structures gives you a feeling of nostalgia as well as stirs questions of why, how and who built them. Also one looked like it had been converted to a sauna which would be an eerie yet awesome experience to cook some sweat out after a long day.

If anyone has any more detail on the history of the please feel free to share!

This island is full of many awesome surprises.

Kelly and Sam Edmunds