Hi all😁

This week we are going to the beautiful little village of Killiecrankie. Keep driving north past Emita on the west coast of the island and you will come to this cracker of a spot. Killiecrankie Bay is surrounded by spectacular granite cliff faces, making it ideal to pull out your camera, have a stroll or if your a bit more adventurous, rock climbing. You can watch the local crayfish boat come in and out, have a picnic and swim. After a bit of a rest, it’s time to fossick for diamonds! Killiecrankie ‘diamonds’, that is. They’re a local topaz and can be found in colours ranging from clear, ice blue and pink gold. It’s quite an experience and one of the best sunsets I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching......

*Note..... photos are not indicative of actual Killiecrankie diamonds. We came away empty handed this time but we had a great time trying 😁

Kelly and Sam Edmunds