Castle Rock

This week we head to a granite boulder just north of Emita called “castle rock”

“You just hang a left just after you hit the gravel heading north after Emita”. These were the directions given to us from a local when we were trying to find castle rock as we had seen it in many photos and wanted to see it first hand.

This is great, you park on a big sheet rock out crop and then jump on your shanks pony and head around a point following an unmarked track, down a small sand dune and your there 😁.

A huge granite boulder just sitting on the shore line, stirs the imagination of how such a rock can end up there, there is no mountain for it to roll down, it certainly didn’t float there. This is just one of the many wonders of Flinders Island that needs to be seen first hand to appreciate the raw beauty of a location.

castle rock.jpg
castle rock 2.jpg
Kelly and Sam Edmunds