So how do you get there???

This is a common question we get upon discussing our venture to people.

There are a few options, depending how you like to travel.

By air, it is half an hour flight from Tasmania either via Sharp Airlines from Launceston Airport or via Flinders Island Aviation departing from Bridport.

If flying from Victoria it is around 45 mins from Essendon with Sharp only.

If you are after a real adventure then go by ferry from Furneaux Freight in Bridport. It can take any where from 7 to 12 hours depending on tides and weather. It is a great experience to see first hand how the island is serviced by these guys. You could be travelling with livestock, building supplies, containers and a plethora of different stuff that keeps a remote island running from week to week.

Once on the island we can do pick ups or there is a couple of fantastic car hire companies called Flinders Island Car Rental and Flinders Car Hire that can help you out with very reasonable rates and very friendly service.

Stay tuned for our next weekly update!

Kelly and Sam 😊

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Kelly and Sam Edmunds