Our Pods

At the point in time we had hatched our plan of Flinders Island Glamping, we had not decided on what structures we would use.

Along came this guy in my previous business by the name of Nolan Fox.

It turns out Nolan had been designing and building pods for a number of years and was trading as ‘adaptapod’. He had a prototype completed in his shed and I was very interested.

I rocked around one day to his place and it had totally astounded me, instantly I knew that these were the structures we were going to use for our glamping business. They are designed around a true geodesic dome which in layman’s terms are one of the strongest structures found in nature, based around the geometry of a sphere.

As Flinders Island is located directly in the middle of a treacherous patch of water between Tasmania and mainland Australia called Bass Strait, where the infamous winds of the roaring 40s rip through on a regular basis. We knew we needed a very strong tent structure to house our clients. These were to fit the bill perfectly.

Our pods are approximately 16sqm in area, the main struts are made from anodised aluminium tube and is covered in high tech polyester breathable light weight fabric called ‘weathermax 80’

Inside will house a queen size bed and side tables and will have ample room for luggage and just kicking back and relaxing after a busy day exploring the island. We will also have facility to accomodate families and large groups.

So this is our pods and hope some day you can all experience camping out in comfort at Flinders with us!

Cheers, Kelly and Sam

Kelly and Sam Edmunds