Not only are we setting up our Flinders Island Glamping there is also a matter of arranging some where to live for our large family.

Currently we are still residing at Legana, one of the fastest growing suburbs just located 10 mins north of Launceston. We plan on selling our 6 bed home toward the end of September and hopefully by then have a home nearly ready to live in on Flinders by the time we sell, relocating fully by December 2018. Just a little bit to do....😬😁

We came across the concept of building a container house as both a very interesting project as well as a very affordable way of building a home on Flinders Island from afar.

We employed Leigh Dell from “plans to build” to help draw up our vision and arrange everything properly for council and the local community to accept our proposed business. This went awesomely well with the help of Claire Gregg from “Meiter Planning” in putting together all our applications and seeing it through the Development Application process. We highly recommend these guys for any project you may have in mind.

Any way, back to the house.

We are fitting out 3x 40’ high cube containers and shipping them over to the island and placing them in a U shape. Inside this u shape will be our lounge area.

We have currently installed all of our footings for the containers to sit on and have 1 fully fitted out containing our kitchen, bathroom and laundry sitting on site ready to be craned into place.

Our second container is half complete with windows and doors installed.

Here are our progress photos.

Sam and Kelly

work in progress.jpg
Kelly and Sam Edmunds